George Orwell said in his famous essay, ‘Why I Write’ that it was his ambition to “make political writing into an art.” This is my ambition. But I want to make writing of any kind into an art. Like Christopher Hitchens, writing is not what I do, writing is what I am. I can no more help it than I can breath. It bubbles up from inside of me. An insatiable impulse to write, etch and record.

I was troubled into utterance. That was how I began. It was twofold. Troubled by the total lack of opportunities for young people and the searing indifference of politicians. Troubled by the skills gap that is making the job hunt doubly difficult.

I edit The Ideas Workshop  where I publish my thoughts and interesting content daily. I also edit Media Law Northern Ireland and Twitter for Law Firms. I also contribute to eamonmallie.comThe Huffington Post. And sometimes on Slugger O’Toole here. Also on The League of Ordinary Gentlemen herehere and here.

My portfolio of writings, which I update from time to time, can be seen on PressFolios here.

Since I write a lot, below is a selection of links to my writing published online. Here it goes:


Politics, economics and identity

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Youth unemployment and education reform

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Writing and blogging

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Social media for lawyers and law firms

Read my blog, Twitter for Law Firms, here.

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Social media law

I have a particular interest in the growth of social media the laws that govern behavior on the online space.

Read my blog, Media Law Northern Ireland  here.

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Read my articles on eamonnmallie.com here.


Twitter stuff you can see on the right, but if you’re for some reason confused this is where you go to follow me. I’m also available on Facebook, on Google+, and I put stuff on Tumblr sometimes. I’m on Instagram, and I even still have a Flickr page. My main outlet, however, is at The Ideas Workshop, eamonnmallie.com and on the Huffington Post.

In case you’re wondering if I’d like to write something for you or even speak at your event, the answer is very likely yes. Get in touch!