June – July 2013: “Ulster Poets and Political Faces”

“Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”

– Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Defence of Poetry” (1821)

common grounds coffee shop

Brian will be exhibiting his work in the well known Belfast coffee house, Common Grounds. The exhibition, “Ulster Poets and Political Faces” will present ink and watercolor studies of some of Ulster’s most loved poets and not so loved politicians.

Brian will be capturing in line and ink some of the most iconic verse writers – as well as some lesser known – who’ve become part of Ulster’s poetic landscape. As for the politicians, Brian will be working to try and tame some of Ulster’s most unruly statesmen who have graced the political stage over the last two centuries.


Brian’s ink study of iconic Ulster Poet, Michael Longley

It will be a mix of reflexive volatility and pragmatic reflection as Brian tackles one of the greatest questions that have troubled the Northern Ireland people: identity.

Guided by Shelley’s famous quote that poets are the unacknowledged legislators of our world Brian will explore the capacity for Ulster poets both dead and alive to provide the answer one of the greatest questions of our time. Shelley believed that poets create laws, but without the world being aware of their legislating activity.

Though he meant this in a strictly figurative sense. He didn’t actually mean that poets made codified law; but such is the reach of their written verse into the minds of men and those that do craft our law, that he thought it just to call them unacknowledged law makers.

Knowing the power of the verse Brian is bringing  Ulster poets and politicians together under the unitary goal of understanding and solving the identity question Brian hopes to present the issue in a simple and accessible manner for people of all ages and political creeds.

“In our dark times we need poetry more than ever”

Adrienne Rich

With tact and whit Brian will explore this growing area of interest. Through the gracious medium of art and poetry Brian will work to produce a body of work that will be inclusive and both positive and progressive minded.

Spring 2013: Ulster Museum Exhibition (exact date tbc)

Ulster museumbbb

Brian will be contributing work to a people’s exhibition at the Ulster Museum in the spring months of 2013.