Here’s what clients and people around the world are saying about me and my work:

“Brian is a bit like the Dante Gabriel Rossettti, or Ruskin or Duchamp who frankly – does a bit of everything. But importantly, Brian’s work is all based around the integrity of the idea, rather than the specific medium. Rather than having Hemingway, de Beauvoir, Stein, Gris and Joyce sitting in Les Deux Magots, Brian is doing it online.”
Helen Hammond

“The man sitting in front of me was more interesting than anything said by the panel. He was quietly and with amazing skill constructing a cartoon of the panel even as they spoke. His name’s Brian John Spencer and if you google him you’ll find out more about him and his talents. Speed and accuracy: there’s not much of it about.”
Jude Collins

“The Original, the Notorious, the Only @brianjohnspencr. Northern Ireland’s fastest rising political cartoonist. With dramatic increases in private sales, prediction of London art market demand.”
Paul Evans, director Canvas Galleries

“My favourite photo/representation of me ever.”
Niall Donnelly (slam poet) on Live Drawing

“Even at a distance [Brian’s] style was unmistakeable.”
Ian Knox, Irish political cartoonist

“Brian’s work featured in Chris Buckler’s report was superb! Terrific likeness too.”
Mark Lappin, executive producer and newsman

“Jeez, I admire multi-tasking, but does Brian really have to make the rest of us look so f*cking lazy?”
Willis McBriar

“I don’t often advise following anyone but Brian John Spencer is a funny, talented, lateral thinking, social tweeter.”
Stephen Clements, radio DJ, Q Radio

“What a talent Brian is.”
Liam Beckett

“Brian you are such an asset to any conference. Really clever how you visually depict key messages from speakers.”
Mark Taylor

“My name is Tim, you did a water colour of me at McSorley’s last night. One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. Wish we could have talked more. Are you only visiting NYC from Belfast? If you’re only visiting, next time the beers are on me. Again, I appreciate the kind gesture. I think I’ve told 100 people about it already.”
Tim Hansell

“We met Brian in NYC on a day we were exploring the city. Right away we liked his original art work and style and asked if he would fly into Bourgogne, France for our wedding weekend. All the guests had so much fun with him and it created a great activity during the days of the events. Everyone wanted their portraits to be done. It was a huge success.”
-Devashish Jain & Marc-Antoine Denechaud
“We hired the super-talented Irish artist Brian John Spencer, who specializes in quick watercolour illustrations, to paint portraits of our guests throughout the weekend for them to take home. Many of our guests said that this was their favourite detail of the weekend… Brian John Spencer also completed a beautiful oil painting of the château for us to keep. Certainly something we will cherish forever.”
Previn Waran

“One of my favourite details of the wedding was having the super talented Brian John Spencer painting portraits for guests throughout the weekend. Forever keepsakes for sure”

-Olivia Ong

“When we were organizing our wedding we were looking for a fun surprise that would elevate the evening for our guests. Brian delivered just that kind of element. All our guests were raving about his artwork. There was constant demand for his drawings. With so many guests traveling to our New York wedding from out of town, Brian’s portraits provided a souvenir they’ll not soon forget. Brian was also a gem to work with. Professional, personable and constantly smiling, his positive attitude made the experience fun for everyone. Brian went above and beyond. We can’t recommend him enough. We didn’t waste a minute in framing our portrait and hanging it above the fireplace.”

-Jade & Dillon
“We met the artist Brian Spencer in France at my friends wedding.  Brian’s art was the highlight of the wedding, a very fun, personal and creative touch.  Among all the other events taking place that weekend Brian was the hardest working person at that wedding, painting every single guest and capturing very accurate personality details. We were so pleased and impressed with his talent that after the wedding we commissioned him for another art piece.  Brian is a very talented artist and the perfect touch to any event.”
-Bebe March

Contact Brian at or  0044 7445173750

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