I visit New York and Brooklyn in the autumn and Spring. I love to hang out in BedStuy, Park Slope and Manhattan. The big lights and personalities really inspire you and make you feel brand new!

I’m here in BK and NY right now, all of May 2018 and until June 5!

See all my work at bklynportraits.tumblr.com and bklynbrownstones.tumblr.com and bklynpetportraits.tumblr.com, and follow all my happenings on my Twitter and Instagram.

Contact me at brianjohnspencr@gmail.com (no typo!) and also BJSinBrooklyn@gmail.com, or ring or WhatsApp me at 0044 7445173750! Also get me via DM on Instagram.

“My name is Tim and your did a water color of me at McSorley’s last night. One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. Wish we could have talked more. Are you only visiting NYC from Belfast? If you’re only visiting, next time the beers are on me. Again, I appreciate the kind gesture. I think I’ve told 100 people about it already.”
Tim Hansell who I drew in water colour in the East Village, New York

Brian John Spencer, the New Yorker