Political cartoons

Kim Jong-un

The belligerent and despotic Kim Jong-un

Thatcher, 1925 – 2013

My tribute to Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Ian Duncan Smith

My drawing of IDS for Slugger O’Toole

The Chancellor’s Budget 2013

The delivery of George Osborne’s uninspiring budget coincided with the largest snow fall many have ever experienced. This is my cartoon that captures the events.

Gerry and Ted

Apparently Gerry has gone buck mad. Talking about his teddy, spouting out in his well known pigeon Irish, rambling about nonsense and just generally getting on like a weirdo.

News Letter Cartoon

A recent poll by Ipsos Mori revealed that 23% of Sinn Fein voters wish to remain part of the UK. This is the cartoon I did following the revelation of the poll results for the Belfast News Letter. The cartoon featured alongside analysis from the News Letter political correspondent and leading Northern Ireland commentator, Sam McBride.

A Case of Mislabelling

It was unveiled on BBC Spotlight that 23% of Sinn Fein voters would choose to remain in the UK. At the same time there was a furore around the mislabelling of Halal meat in Ireland. I put the two news stories into my head and the cartoon above is what came out the end!

The Europe Speech

David Cameron gives his long awaited speech on Europe.

Fiscal Cliff: Take 2

The Obama administration made its views clear on the UK/Europe situation. A little rich for a government holding the global economy to ransom to lecture another country on what to do.


The union flag riots have done nothing but sully the good name of Northern Ireland. Reluctantly, here’s a cartoon I did. The union flag is upside down – a sign of distress.

Fiscal Cliff: Take 1

This is my cartoon on the fiscal cliff chaos that went on in Washington DC in December/January 2013.

Martin McGuinness: a study

A quick study of Martin McGuinness. This went to a good friend and now hangs on his wall.

Paisley on Canvas

Paisley on canvas. Need I say any more?

The Crown Steward & Bailiff of Northstead

The deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness stepped down from his Westminster seat. Some arcane procedure required him to take on the title of Crown Steward and Bailiff of Northstead. A Royal title… oh the irony!

Northern Irish: An Evolving Identity

“There is this evolving Northern Irish identity where many people feel safe and content to call themselves Northern Irish and they want to focus on how Northern Ireland can fulfil its potential and how we can create economic stability in Northern Ireland, rather than looking at Irishness or Britishness”

Prof. Deirdre Heenan

David Cameron

I did this cartoon of Prime Minister David Cameron to accompany a blog I did for Ambitious Minds. I asked: how would the PM react if his son chose to do an apprenticeship?

The Chancellor’s Budget

The Chancellor George Osborne delivered his spendthrift budget against a backdrop of austerity and economic pain. It’s hurt a lot of people, here’s my cartoon which captures the essence of Osborne’s policies.

The Justice Minister

David Ford decided to tighten up on legal aid spending. It’s just like taking candy from a baby!

Four “Mo” Years

Obama won a second presidential term and 4 more years at the White House. This is a cartoon I did for the Huffington Post to celebrate the occasion.

Mr Austerity

Prime Minister David Cameron is hell bent on cutting the UK’s monumental budget deficit. This is what he gets up to behind closed doors.

A Strange Beast (take 2)

This is a piece I did for an exhibition in the summer of 2012. It shows the joint Stormont beast that is SF-DUP.

Peter Robinson: a study

Peter is hard to catch. He has certain distinguishing features, but still, he’s hard.

Here’s my take.

Carál Ní Chuilín MLA

This is my pen & ink interpretation of the Northern Ireland culture minister, Carál Ní Chuilín MLA.

Stormont Summer Recess

Them ones up on the hill love a holiday and they really go for it. Here’s my illustrated riposte to a 4 month holiday.


What a story this was: the health minister Edwin Poots fired shots from his bedroom window in the middle of the night after hearing intruders on his premises.

I couldn’t resist recreating the scene!

A Lingering Stench

News that the IRA had come together again prompted this piece.

Fiscal Wiff [sic]

The political grandstanding in Washington over the fiscal cliff caused a lot of bother. Both for the political climate & global financial markets. It showed demonstrably how central the US capital figures in global affairs. So my line was: Washington was kicking off a fiscal whiff.

Hug a Unionist

In the summer of 2012 Gerry Adams & Sinn Fein spoke about how unionists should feel safe and secure in a united Ireland. I think SF are trying to love unionists into all-Ireland unity now. How times change!

To Shake of Not to Shake?

In June 2012 a landmark event occurred. The veteran Sinn Fein politican and former member of the IRA, Martin McGuinnes met and shook hands with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. There was a lot of talk before the seminal handshake. A lot of will, he won’t he? Won’t she, will she?

Super Mario Draghi

The head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi announced in June 2012 that he would be prepared to act if market volatility in the euro zone rose excessively. This would be in the form of monetary action, a tool the ECB called the Long Term Refinancing Operation. He had already used it twice and seemed close to bringing it out for a third time.

The Gerrynomist

Introducing Ireland’s latest weekly: the Gerrynomist. Gerry Adams is routinely criticized for his scan knowledge of economics. He must have his own school of economics. This is my offering on the matter.

Executive Swingers

A cartoon I did for Chambre Public Affairs. It follows announcement that Irish Open would be held in Northern Ireland.

Paisley on Watercolour Paper

This is a study of Paisley I did for the QUB School of Law publication, the Verdict in spring of 2010.

Mike Nesbitt

My cartoon of Mike Nesbitt, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party.

Enda Kenny: a Year in Office

This was my tribute that marked Enda Kenny’s one year in office. The piece appeared in the Huffington Post and you can see it here.

Bashar al-Assad

My illustrated rendering of Syria’s bloody despot for the Huffington Post.

The Reverend Dr. Ian Paisley

In January 2012 Ian Paisley stood down from the ministry. I had a feeling he wouldn’t be retiring his voice though…

Poots sticks the Boot in

The Northern Ireland health minister, Edwin Poots of the DUP made some swinging cuts to the NHS. This was my cartoon which followed the announcement.

Ms. Robinson

Northern Ireland’s disgraced first lady.

Anna Lo Retains her Seat at Stormont

My tribute to the Alliance party’s Anna Lo who retained her Stormont seat in the 2011 elections.

Front Cover of News Letter Election Special

It was great to get the opportunity to produce work for the Belfast News Letter, but it was especially great to get on the front cover!

Cartoon for the News Letter

This is a cartoon I did for the Belfast News Letter in the run up to the Assembly elections in May 2011. I’ve tried to capture the lack of political consensus and the range of contrasting political aspirations.

The First and deputy First Minister

The First and deputy First Minister. Look closely & tell me what you can see.

Eamonn Gilmore TD

Biffo On His Deathbed – acknowledgements to Walton Ford

This is my drawing of Brian Cowen, former Irish Taoiseach during his last days in office. I’ve used a famous piece by renowned artist, Walton Ford as a template. So full acknowledgements must be given to Walton.

Brian Cowen: Nirvana

The former leader of Fianna Fail, Brian Cowen in free fall.

Leader of the Opposition, Micheál Martin

After the Taoiseach and leader of Fine Fail Brian Cowen announced that he would be stepping down Micheál Martin emerged as a potential successor. He came out fighting and after the leadership race he won. This is my cartoon of him.

Brian Cowen: past his used by date

This is my cartoon as it appeared in the Queen’s University Belfast student newspaper, the Gown in January 2011.

Biffo’s Last Days

Behold the Big Ugly Fucker from Offaly – Biffo! Here I’ve done a take on Salvador Dali to illustrate Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s last few painful days in office.

Ian Paisley: a school yard study

This is my pen rendering of the reverend Ian Paisley done during my school days. The piece was buried under piles of book and junk. Unfortunately there’s no exact date but I do know it was done in the summer term of 2004.

Tony Blair: a school yard study

This is my cartoon of former UK prime minister Tony Blair. The exact date was included which I’m happy about, March 7 2002.