Chris Fearon, Great British Chef

Barack Obama on the NI Peace Process

My cartoon of Obama after his comments on the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Michael Oakeshott

My drawing for the Huffington Post of conservative political thinker, Michael Oakeshott

Paul Tweed – Concept Draw

My sketch of international libel lawyer, Paul Tweed.

Michael Deane – #Pixelated

The much drawn Michael Deane, given the pixel treatment.

Paul Stafford – #Pixelated

Paul Stafford of Stafford hairdressing given the pixel treatment.

Shane Smith, CEO of Vice Magazine

My picture of Vice CEO, Shane Smith. The very man who I featured alongside on Huff Post Live!

Yellow Faced Man

This is my pen and pencil rendering of a global music sensation and son of Ulster – Van Morrison.

Eamonn Mallie given the Simpsons Treatment

This is my rendering of the famous Belfast face into a Simpsons character.

David Ford, MLA

David Ford is a Member of the Legislative Assembly and leader of the Alliance Party.

Abraham Lincoln

“I am naturally anti-slavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.”

Common Grounds Staff – take 2

This is my pretty graphic cartoon of one of Common Grounds’ exceptional members of staff.

Common Grounds Staff – take 1

This guy is called Michael and he works at Common Grounds coffee shop not far from Queen’s University Belfast.

Alan Simpson Simponised

I recently Simpsonised Alan Simpson, a well known Northern Ireland radio DJ.

Paul Stafford Simpsonised

My cartoon of famous Northern Ireland hair stylist Paul Stafford.

Declan Kidney

The coach of the Ireland rugby team.

William Blake Quote

“How can the bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and sing?”

Michael Deane

The internationally renowned chef given the Simpsons treatment.

George Bernard Shaw

Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw.

No Alibis Bookstore

The No Alibis book store on Botanic Avenue, Belfast is pretty much an iconic landmark. This is my visual quick hand of the shopfront!

The Creative Process

Whether it be writing, blogging or picture making the creative processes create a never ending mental battle!

Charles Dickens

My drawing of the literary colossus.

Michael Deane

Belfast’s most well known and recognisable restaurateur: Michael Deane.

W.B. Yeats

How aptly put by Irish literary giant, William Butler Yeats

From Stone Tablet to Tablet Computer

The product of some thinking and doodling. It has been a fascinating journey of human endeavor.

John McCallister MLA

My liberal interpretation of former-UUP MLA, John McCallister.

Hand Drawn Business Card

This is my attempt at making my own business card.

Gerry and Ted

Apparently Gerry has gone buck mad. Talking about his teddy, spouting out in his well known pigeon Irish, rambling about nonsense and just generally getting on like a weirdo.

James Joyce and Writing

My cartoon of James Joyce with his words on the challenge of writing in English

Cambridge Barber Shop

Oscar Wilde

An Orwellian Illustration

Brian Cowen take 2

Produced another Brian Cowen for a friend in County Mayo.

Cameron, David

Cameron’s feeling the back-bench pressure over same-sex marriage. A cartoon.

Doodle in Starbucks

This is a doodle I did of my friend’s wee sister while in Starbuck’s. He liked it and luckily, so did she!

A Thank You Card

This is a thank you card I produced for the doctors and nurses who helped to safely deliver my baby boy, Henry Brian Alexander Spencer in the Ulster Hospital.

Jazz Hands

Another doodle I did, this time for my cousin. This now sits proudly on his wall.


This is a cartoon I was asked to do for a client. Turned out pretty well, but importantly the buyer liked it!

An Obama Festive Greeting Card

This is a cartoon I did for an American friend. It’s my take on Barack Obama after his election success.

Tony Benn with Ribbon

An older friend’s favorite politician is Tony Benn. He asked me to do a cartoon of him for a Christmas present. I produced this and he liked it.

Star of Bethlehem

December 2012 was Obama-season. Here’s a cartoon.

Lady with Dog

This is a drawing of a lady I know, her identity will remain anonymous.

The Tortoise & the Hare 2.0

This cartoon illustrates the lesson I learnt after leaving university. That it doesn’t matter what others are doing; and you can’t wait for something to happen.

You have to drive forward and make it happen!

Anatomy of a Successful Young Person

Inspired by the inimitable Ronald Searle this is my anatomy of a successful young person. This was done for Ambitious Minds, a youth unemployment agency that helps young people find suitable work.

Edvard Munch over the Westlink

After the Ulster Bank protest cartoon I wanted to speak up for the young and unemployed. This is a cartoon I did using the famous “Scream” painting by Edvard Munch.

One on One with Malachi O’Doherty

This is my cartoon of the seasoned writer Malachi O’Doherty. Malachi is the Writer in Residence at Queen’s University Belfast.

Liam Clarke

This is my cartoon of the esteemed political journalist, Liam Clarke.

Duncan Morrow Cartoon

I had the good fortune to grab a coffee with Duncan Morrow of the University of Ulster. He is a very capable and intelligent man and I found the chat over coffee most enlightening. I couldn’t let him get away without doing a cartoon of him. I’m not sure he liked it, lol.

Sean Quinn: a Sketch

Sean Quinn hid a load of money in eastern Europe? London Olympic tickets were in short supply? I put 2 and 2 together and this is what came out the end.

The Pain of Youth Unemployment

This is a cartoon I did for the Huffington Post on the raw pain that youth unemployment brings.

Laat drank brand uw verstand

At Sandy Row in Belfast a gable wall depicts King Billy and words in Dutch that say, “let passion fire thy mind.” Those who march and give support on July 12 every year don’t exactly carry on that Dutch legacy of tolerance and discipline.

So I edited the text to bring it up to speed. Translation: “let drink fire thy mind.”

Youth unemployment: the proverbial white elephant

My cartoon on youth unemployment in Northern Ireland which featured on Slugger O’Toole.

Ulster Bankster

Jim Brown oversaw the Ulster Bank shambles in summer 2012. This is my cartoon of him.

Edward Carson

The first half of 2012 was dominated by Edward Carson in the run up to the 100th anniversary of the Ulster Covenant. I couldn’t resist doing a cartoon of the former barrister and iconic politician.


He’s quite the character. Here’s my cartoon of him, Boris Johnson Mayor of London.

Stock Caricature

This is a piece I did which replicated the work of the Times cartoonist, Morten Morland. Just a bit of practice!

Chop Chop

This is just a study that I did. The gent clearly doesn’t like getting his hair cut!

Dr Ciarán O’Kelly

This is a cartoon of one of my former lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, Dr Ciaran O’Kelly.

The Holylands are so Bracing

Every March 17 the Holylands in Belfast hosts hoards of students who imbibe to excess and generally create a holy mess. Here’s a pretend tourist brochure I did for the landmark day in Northern Ireland’s calendar.

Alex Higgins on Canvas

This piece was produced in July 2010 for myself after his passing. He was undoubtedly an incredibly gifted sportsman who did Northern Ireland proud. It’s just a shame his life finished up the way it did. Anyway, here’s my contribution to the tributes.

The Guinness Toucan on Canvas

The imagery is iconic. This is my reproduction. Full acknowledgements must go to the great English illustrator behind the Guinness posters, John Gilroy.