Brian is a leading political cartoonist and illustrator in Northern Ireland and his work is highly sought after by both private and corporate entities. Commission requests are regularly received from across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Ryan T Crown, Writer and Reviewer

Rory McIlroy

Michael Deane Goes to London

Michael Deane Goes to the Beach

Michael Deane Takes the Bus

Michael Deane, After Oliver Jeffers

My cartoon of Michael Deane, given the Simpsons treatment. Regards to Oliver Jeffers.

Michael Deane Drinks Wine

Michael Deane on canvas

Michael Deane Makes Pasta

Michael Deane making pasta by hand!

Michael Deane #Exhibition #5

Michael Deane is a wine vat!

Michael Deane #Exhibition #4

Michael Deane up in arms, from afar

Michael Deane #Exhibition #3

Michael Deane chasing a lamb!

Michael Deane #Exhibition #2

Michael Deane fighting a lobster

Michael Deane #Exhibition #1

Michael Deane sourcing fresh pork for his restaurant – from gate to plate.

Stuart Rankin: Dentist, Son, Brother, House Husband

A good friend asked me to do a cartoon of him and his significant other – here it is!

Estate Agent

Commission from lady who wanted me to draw her estate agent friend for a birthday present

Belfast Family #Simpsonised

A Belfast Family transformed into the Simpsons

Chris ‘Disco Pump’ Johnson

Darren Clarke

Charles Dickens

My drawing of the literary colossus.

News Letter Cartoon

A recent poll by Ipsos Mori revealed that 23% of Sinn Fein voters wish to remain part of the UK. This is the cartoon I did following the revelation of the poll results for the Belfast News Letter. The cartoon featured alongside analysis from the News Letter political correspondent and leading Northern Ireland commentator, Sam McBride.

Doodle in Starbucks

This is a doodle I did of my friend’s wee sister while in Starbuck’s. He liked it and luckily, so did she!

The Racer

This was another enjoyable draw, and fortunately enough he liked it!


This is a cartoon I was asked to do for a client. Turned out pretty well, but importantly the buyer liked it!

A Ballerina

This was a joy to draw, and luckily for me it was joyously received.

Belfast Barbers: A Study

Gave the barber on the right a bit of a visual mugging. Fortunately they liked it.

Belfast Barber: A Study

This is a cartoon I did of a very well known Belfast barber. He does a top shave and luckily for me he gave this top marks.

Tony Benn with Ribbon

An older friend’s favorite politician is Tony Benn. He asked me to do a cartoon of him for a Christmas present. I produced this and he liked it.

Naomi Long & David Ford

This was done for a friend who works for the Alliance Party’s Naomi Long MP. Apparently she liked it. Who knows what the Justice Minister and leader of the Alliance Party, David Ford thought of it.

One on One with Malachi O’Doherty

This is my cartoon of the seasoned writer Malachi O’Doherty. Malachi is the Writer in Residence at Queen’s University Belfast.

Liam Clarke

This is my cartoon of the esteemed political journalist, Liam Clarke.

Duncan Morrow Cartoon

I had the good fortune to grab a coffee with Duncan Morrow of the University of Ulster. He is a very capable and intelligent man and I found the chat over coffee most enlightening. I couldn’t let him get away without doing a cartoon of him. I’m not sure he liked it, lol.

Chambre Public Affairs

This is a drawing I did for Will Chambre of Chambre Public Affairs.

Brian Cowen on Canvas

I took particular pleasure with this ink with paint composition of the former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen – the disgraced politician who oversaw the Irish bailout in November 2010. The canvas now resides on a client’s wall.

Gerry Adams on Canvas

The leader of Sinn Fein on canvas, now residing on the walls of Chambre Public Affairs.

Paisley on Canvas: the First Installment

This is another piece of work I did for Chambre Public Affairs. It depicts the former First Minister at his fiery best.

Brian McLaughlin

This is my take on Brian McLaughlin who led Ulster to the final of the 2012 Heineken Cup.

Braemar Vets

Dr Ciarán O’Kelly

This is a cartoon of one of my former lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, Dr Ciaran O’Kelly.

Dimitrios Doukas

In this cartoon I’ve attempted to capture Dimitrios Doukas, a Senior law lecturer at Queen’s University. He’s from Greece. Get it?

Cartoon of Dr Peter Doran

This is my cartoon of QUB School of Law lecturer, Dr Peter Doran. You’d be right if you’d thought he likes cycling.

Marx & Dieter

When I was completing my dissertation on financial markets my academic adviser was keen on the works of German Philosopher, Karl Marx. This is my tribute to the two of them.

Arlene Foster MLA

This is a study I did of the DUP minister for Enterprise, Arlene Foster. This now adorns the wall of Professor Pete Shirlow of QUB.

Front Cover of News Letter Election Special

It was great to get the opportunity to produce work for the Belfast News Letter, but it was especially great to get on the front cover!

Cartoon for the News Letter

This is a cartoon I did for the Belfast News Letter in the run up to the Assembly elections in May 2011. I’ve tried to capture the lack of political consensus and the range of contrasting political aspirations.

Bulldog on Canvas

Guinness Toucan

My take on the Guinness cartoon, the original of which was produced for Guinness by English artist, John Gilroy. This now sits in O’Gorman’s Pub in Kilkenny.