Brian John Spencer is a writer, blogger and artist. After studying Common and Civil Law with French at Queen’s University Belfast and Université Toulouse 1 Capitole Brian took on a number of interesting roles. This included working in Brussels, New York and London in legal and research positions. Throughout this time Brian honed on his writing and blogging skills and built up his portfolio of art work.

It was during university that Brian began to take an interest in blogging and in 2010 Brian became a regular feature on Ireland’s leading blog,

After graduating Brian left for Brussels and worked with a British MEP who sat in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy political group. During his time in Brussels Brian combined his working responsibilities with an exploration of the city and its creative agents.

Later Brian worked in New York Brian for 8 months in a boutique securities litigation law firm, Entwistle & Cappucci LLP. Throughout this period Brian lived in Brooklyn and made full use of the creative energy that animated the suburb. While located in Brooklyn Brian collaborated with other artists and writers and also provided illustrations to the well known Tea Lounge on 5th Avenue and Union Street.

It was while being active in New York that Brian began writing and producing political cartoons for the Huffington Post.

In London Brian worked with a leading think tank on European affairs, Open Europe. Brian lived in South Kensington at this period and continued to balance his work commitments with his passion for writing, blogging and art. Not long after leaving London Brian then began to write for and featured in a number of other blogs including the Guardian.

After 2 years of working full time Brian returned home and now works as a creative agent and freelance writer, blogger and artist.